1. Happy Birds

Kept in small flocks outside in the meadows promotes natural behaviours and enabling a little more individual attention. Our birds don’t want to stay in-doors!

2. Free Range

We have traditional free range chicken so our birds get more space and live longer than your average free range chicken with grassy pastures to graze, scratch out insects in the bottom of the hedge and take a bath.

3. Slow Foods

81 days slow grown to maturity naturally to develop the birds flavoursome and textured meat.  It’s delicious!

4. Well Fed

You are what you eat and the same can be said for our birds, which eat cereals free from any additives and growth hormones.

5. Preparation

All our birds are prepared with consideration and care. Our seasonal poultry is hung to promote the best flavour.

Why do our chickens and cockerels taste so much better?

We pride ourselves on the welfare we deliver for our birds.  The length of time we give our birds to reach maturity and develop flavour and the people we work with to achieve a delicious chicken that has a loyal following.

The chickens are reared underneath lamps in sheds of 600 from day one, they are fed an additive free ration we buy from a local Leicestershire feed mill. At three weeks they are free to roam the fields, bask in the sun, shade in the hedgerows and small field shelters.

Their feed ration has maize added which gives them a lovely golden appearance and adds a little extra fat. We like to use outside field drinkers as we find that birds naturally like to drink outside.

The chickens happy go lucky existence takes them to on average 81 days, like a lot of french producers. The 82nd day doesn’t go so well but we have researched a lot of slaughter houses before we found one that has the same ethos as us. The meat is not Halal or Kosher but these systems on a large scale lack the care we want for our birds. This true slow growing is where we gain on flavour over other producers, the food costs are higher per bird but we feel that for the quality of bird you get its worth the extra time. As the producers and seller this quality is our name, supermarket brands be them organic or standard free-range maximise efficiencies (or bend the rules) to save on cost. The cockerels are matured for another 4 – 6 weeks which all adds to the flavour and meat quality making a perfect dinner party or festive feast.

…and what about our Turkeys?

Our turkeys come as day olds from Farmgate Hatcheries and are the same chicks that go on to become Kelly Bronze birds. Like chickens they are reared under heat lamps until 4 weeks. After which they are given a large grassy paddock to roam in full of logs and pallets for them to perch on. The turkeys are reared in straw bedded airy sheds of 300, we construct perches so they can roost as if in a tree. They are fed a TFTA approved additive-free slow growing feed from a local mill and we add maize to the diet in the last two months of their growing. In total the birds take 6 months to reach maturity and develop the mature flavour we want our customers to enjoy.

We slaughter the turkeys on the farm reducing stress and ensuring a premium quality meat. Our birds are then wax plucked, hung for 10 days before being dressed and trussed. They are presented boxed with recipe information for your celebration feast. Everything we do is audited by the TFTA (Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association) to there free-range bronze farm reared and slaughtered regulations.