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Chicken Necks


Our free range chicken necks are delicious and versatile.

Treat them like spare ribs, add a sauce and grill to perfection. With a nice sweet taste they’re great for adding to your home-made stock.

Or why not make a new best doggy friend with a treat he’ll never forget! 

300g typically

Chicken Skin


Looking for a scrumptious snack? Roast our free range chicken skin and add your own flavours to create a variety of crisps primed for the sharing the bowl. 

You can also render it down to get all those good fats out. 

500g typically

Chicken Carcasses


Our free range chickens have been slow-grown to a minimum of 81 days for greater flavour and taste. This means our chicken bones are larger, stronger, and full of nutrients.

Use our carcasses to make stock with real depth of flavour, or give full body to your homemade soups and broths.