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Easy Carve Whole Stuffed Porchetta

£21.50 £18.50

Easy carve your way to pure joy with our whole chicken porchetta: boned, stuffed & rolled.

Porchetta is a thing of beauty. Found throughout Italy, the classic pork porchetta originated in the central region of Umbria and is the inspiration for our Fosse chicken rendition. The Umbrians based the stuffing on the plentiful wild fennel that grows there, but we’ve set our chicken porchetta apart by adding plenty of garlic and parsley. 

Our master butcher has deboned a whole chicken and stuffed it with garlic, parsley, lemon, olive oil, and a hint of fennel, before rolling and tying it into a porchetta.

We’ve done the hard work for you so you can sit back, relax and easy carve our perfectly tender roast as the delicious centrepiece of your big feast. 

Arrives frozen, suitable to freeze on day of delivery.

1kg typically

*Usually £21.50 NOW £18.50

Free Range Whole Cockerel


Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste 3 Star Winner, 2019

We’re keen to inspire the cooking of cockerels. The Fosse free range and slow-grown cockerel offers juicier, bolder, and more generous meat than a chicken, with a rich gamey flavour – simple.   

We use same 3 strains of the traditional French breed for our chickens as we do our cockerels and slow grow them to a maturity of 112–140 days. The length of time we give our birds to reach maturity being fed on a natural cereal based diet helps to develop strong nutritious bones, and darker flesh with a rich flavour and meaty texture. 

We really think that people have forgotten how good this bird is, and in turn, they are not often found outside of Christmas. 

Arrives fresh, suitable for freezing

3.5kg typically feeds 4 people

4.5kg typically feeds 6 people

Whole Chicken


81 days Free Range Whole Chicken including giblets

Bountiful – 2.6kg typically

Large – 2.3kg typically

Medium – 2kg typically

Small – 1.8kg typically

5 Bird Box


Comprises of 5 x whole free range chickens of mixed weights, including giblets.

Comes with free delivery!

10.6kg total typically

Lemon & Garlic Spatchcock Chicken


Our succulent free range spatchcock chicken has been marinated in lemon, garlic, bay leaf, olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper.

Great cooked in the oven for a quick roast or pop on the barbecue, seared on the skin then cooked bone side down. Buonissimo!

Whole – 1.6kg typically
Half – 0.8kg typically

Free Range Chicken Box


Our Free Range Chicken Box comprises:

1 x Medium Whole chicken 2kg typically

1 x pack of Skin-On Chicken Breast 2 breasts per pack

1 x pack of Skinless Chicken Breast 2 breasts per pack

1 x pack of Chicken Drumsticks 4 drums per pack

1 x pack of Chicken Legs 2 legs per pack