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Chicken Hearts


Our fresh free range chicken hearts are quick to cook, good for you and make a wonderful meal when combined with your favourite flavours.

Chicken hearts are a very good source of protein. And although slightly high in cholesterol, they are rich in essential B vitamins, including B12, riboflavin and folic acid, and minerals including zinc, selenium, iron and potassium.

When grilled quickly on a high heat, our chicken hearts are tender morsels with a surprisingly subtle red meat taste. In texture, they’re softer than you might expect, with a hint of bounciness like flash-fried fresh squid.

They’re extremely popular around the world. If you like dark meat chicken, you should try them – you’ll be surprised to discover how very rich and meaty they are.

300g typically

Chicken Livers


Our free range chicken livers have a succulent, rich taste and are perfect for making homemade pate or parfait. They’re also quick to cook, full of nutrients and make a wonderful meal when combined with your favourite flavours.

Chicken livers are high in protein, loaded with iron to give you energy, and a treasure trove of vitamins A, B6 and B12.

300g typically.

Chicken Skin


Looking for a scrumptious snack? Roast our free range chicken skin and add your own flavours to create a variety of crisps primed for the sharing the bowl. 

You can also render it down to get all those good fats out. 

500g typically

Chicken Carcass & Backs


Our free range chickens have been slow-grown to a minimum of 81 days for greater flavour and taste. This means our chicken bones are larger, stronger, and full of nutrients.

Use our carcasses and backs to make stock with real depth of flavour, or give full body to your homemade soups and broths.

Turkey Carcasses


Strong, nutritious bones for stock and soups

Our traditional strains of free range bronze turkeys are slow-reared for around twice the length of time as commercial turkeys. They live for 6 months, free ranging and foraging on our Leicestershire pastures. Our turkeys develop large, strong and nutritious bones that produce stock, broths and soups with an exceptionally rich flavour. 

750g – 1kg typically

Previously frozen, not suitable to freeze