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Whole Bronze Turkey – Spatchcocked

£70.00£90.00 Availability: From 19th November 2020

Revolutionised turkey prep for quick and even cooking

*Preorder now for delivery from Thursday 19 November.

Stray from tradition this year and you might just create a new one in the process. Rather than roasting a whole bird this Thanksgiving or Christmas, take the modern route and choose our whole spatchcock turkey.

Faster, hotter and even cooking is the significant advantage of spatchcocking. Flattening the bird exposes all of the skin, resulting in evenly crisp, golden brown skin. A flatter turkey means that the drumsticks and thighs are also exposed to direct oven heat, resulting in perfectly cooked dark meat alongside juicy breast meat that won’t dry out.

Best of all, the turkey takes up less vertical space in the oven, translating to room for more sides!

Choose between

5kg turkey spatchcocked 

8kg turkey spatchcocked

Includes giblets.

Cranberry & Clementine Sauce

£4.50 Availability: From 19th November 2020

Fruity sauce on the side sir, madam! I say.

Our tangy cranberry and clementine sauce pairs perfectly with our free range turkey and goose for a dinner to really sing about.

220ml typically

Available from Thursday 19 November