Min 4 – 5 people

3kg Delicious Fosse Meadows Free Range Cockerel

2 tbsp Olive oil or Butter to baste

Sea salt & Crushed black pepper to season

6 Cloves of Smoked Garlic

1 Large Lemon

1 Large Carrot

1 Stick of celery

Herbs of your Choice. We like Bay and Thyme.

First and foremost if you have a tried and tested chicken recipe, use it
but reduce the cooking temperature to 140’C

Otherwise follow the instructions below.

1. Rub cockerel with olive oil or butter and season well.
2. Squeeze half a lemon over the cockerel and place in cavity with 6 cloves
of garlic, carrot chunks, celery and herbs of your choice – we like bay
and thyme.
3. Place in 200’C pre-heated oven breast side down for 30 min sizzle,
reduce oven to 140’C turn and baste.  After another 1 hours cooking time
turn bird over & baste again before returning to the oven, if you have time
baste again then leave until cooked.
4. Cooking times vary for weight, approximately 45 mins per kilo + a
further 30 mins.  Total cooking time for a 3kg bird would be 2hrs 45mins.
5. Rest on a warmed plate breast side down under foil for 25 mins before