100% Grass Fed Pure Breed Beef – Full Box


100% grass fed beef from the farm next door

*Available for delivery from Thursday 12 November. Please select this date (or after) for delivery at the checkout.

We’ve teamed up with James Fanshaw, the local farmer of Naseby in the next village along, to bring you their 100% grass fed pure breed beef box.

James is a traditional farmer like us, and has the same high standards of natural farming, ethics and animal welfare. He expertly rears rare breeds, slowly growing them to maturity naturally. We’ve known James for years, as he continues to buy our free range geese year on year.

James has reared this heifer who spent her days grazing and roaming on the ancient ridge and furrow fields of the Georgian farm. She is out of a pure bred Gloucester cow and sired by a pedigree Beef Shorthorn bull. The Gloucester breed is England’s rarest native cattle breed. This heifer should have more fat cover than our last, so the meat will be full of flavour with a succulent texture.

Our pure breed beef box is certainly great value for money and contains:

  • 1 x piece of fillet for two 400g typically OR 2 x ribeye steaks 250g each typically
  • 1 x roasting joint: topside, silverside, or top rump 1.5kg – 2kg typically
  • 1 x slow roast joint: brisket, chuck roast, leg of mutton cut, or jacob’s ladder 1kg typically
  • 2 x rump steaks 250g each typically
  • 2 x sirloin steaks 250g each typically
  • 2 x braising steaks 500g each typically
  • 1 x shin 500g each typically
  • 1 x diced beef 500g typically
  • 3 x minced beef 500g each typically
  • 2 x beef stock 400ml each typically

**We will do our best for each box to contain the above but may on occasions need to make substitutions.

Arrives fresh and suitable to freeze W/C 9 November.
Will arrive frozen from W/C 16 November onwards.

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