Free Range Christmas Cockerel


Availability: From 17th December 2020

The only Great Taste 3*** star cockerel

We’re keen to inspire the cooking of cockerels. The Fosse free range and slow-grown cockerel offers juicier, bolder, and more generous meat than a chicken, with a rich gamey flavour – simple.   

We use same 3 strains of the traditional French breed for our chickens as we do our cockerels and slow grow them to a maturity of 112–140 days. The length of time we give our birds to reach maturity being fed on a natural cereal based diet helps to develop strong nutritious bones, and darker flesh with a rich flavour and meaty texture. 

We really think that people have forgotten how good this bird is.  

Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste 3 Star Winner, 2019 judges comments:

This is so obviously a well looked after and loved cockerel. The meat is exceptional and full of flavour. The texture is perfect. It’s moist and juicy. Lovely thick skin which cooked beautifully and produced crispy and flavoursome morsels. The fact that it’s grown to at least 120 days means the bone marrow and skeleton have had time to develop and add to the flavour. Absolutely fantastic. Utterly and exceptionally scrumptious! The difference between a well reared bird, of good heritage, grown to maturity and well fed, treated and prepared shows on the palate.

Arrives fresh. Includes giblets, cooking instructions and a pop up timer.

Availability: From 17th December 2020



Which sized cockerel is right for me?

Here are our serving suggestions to help you decide which sized cockerel is right for your celebration.

Remember, our free range cockerel tastes so good cold the next day accompanied by our homemade Leicestershire pie, so why not go big this year?

3kg – feeds 6 people

4kg – feeds 8 people

5kg – feeds 10 people

Prepare your bird
1. Bring to room temperature.
2. Rub with olive oil or butter and season well.
3. Squeeze half a lemon over the cockerel and place the squeezed lemon in the cavity along with 6 cloves of garlic, carrot chunks, celery and herbs of your choice – we like bay and thyme.

Cook your bird
1. Place in 200 degree pre-heated oven, breast-side down, for 30 mins to sizzle.
2. Reduce oven to 140 degrees, turn and baste.
3. Roast for approx 40-45 mins per kilo plus 30 mins.Turn and baste every hour if you can.
4. Once cooked, rest on warm plate under foil, breast-side down, for 30 mins before serving.

What to do with the giblets
1. Place giblets in a mini casserole dish with your leftovers in the fridge e.g. celery, carrot, half an onion, bunch of herbs (thyme, bay and parsley go well!)
2. Cover with cold water and place in the oven along with cockerel and cook for the same time and temperature. Simple!
3. Once the cockerel is resting out of the roasting pan, use the giblets and the stock you have made to deglaze the pan with some wine and a little sugar.
4. Once reduced, strain and serve.

Our Christmas cockerels are available to pre-order for delivery on Thursday 19 November right through until Thursday 24 December (and beyond*)

We offer weekly deliveries on a Thursday and Friday via DPD. You can choose from standard, by 12pm or by 10.30am.

Wednesday 25 November: Turkey and Deli products only
Tuesday 22 December: Deliveries for all products
Wednesday 23 December Deliveries for all products
Thursday 24 December: No deliveries
Thursday 31 December: Deliveries for all products
Friday 1 January: No deliveries

*If you order your cockerel for delivery on or after 31 December, it may arrive frozen.