The Half Bronze Turkey

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Availability: From 19th November 2020

The best of a whole turkey, halved down the centre

*Preorder now for delivery from Thursday 19 November.

We’ve halved a whole turkey down the centre so you can enjoy the best a whole bird has to offer, but at only half the size.

The Fosse free range bronze turkey is generous and delicious, with succulent marbled meat and an exceptionally rich flavour. The Half Turkey allows you to enjoy the moist breast, meaty leg and tasty wing on the bone, just like a whole bird, but with quicker cooking times for a smaller gathering.

Choose between

3kg half turkey (halved from a 6kg)

4kg half turkey (halved from an 8kg)

Includes giblets.

Availability: From 19th November 2020

Product Description

Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste 1 Star Winner, 2020

A generously sized bird, sitting gold and proud on the platter, with a well bronzed skin and a very good aroma. The dark meat has a rich stickiness – almost a belly pork character – which we enjoyed. This is a good all round turkey – each part, the white meat, the dark meat and the skin – all carrying character to provide a decent mouthful of turkey.

Our traditional strains of free range bronze turkeys are slow-reared for around twice the length of time as commercial turkeys. They arrive from Kelly Bronze’s Farmgate Hatcheries as day-old poults and are naturally grown to a maturity of 6 months. They develop a deep, rich flavour and succulent texture due to the marbling of the meat. So never again will you experience dry turkey!