Chickens and Cockerels

Nick and Jacob explain what makes their Fosse chicken so special compared to others…

Our farm rears traditional free-range chicken for the table, the birds are kept in mobile sheds overnight and have free-access to the fields and farmland during the day, free-ranging on clover-rich pastures, free from any pesticides. Being slow-grown in small flocks means that our birds live their lives naturally and really do roam all over the fields, unlike mass production systems. We do not fence our chickens into the field as they go back into their sheds to roost at night and are protected from foxes when they need to be. During the day they get to scratch about in the bottom of hedgerows out of the sun or rain. The chickens are fed a maize rich additive-free cereal from a local feed mill which is perfect for slower growing birds – it also cuts down on food miles!

Our timeline diagram illustrates the much longer slow-grown period (81 days), our Fosse chickens are raised to, compared to other growing standards.
Fosse chickens are grown for 2 to 3 times longer than a standard retail chicken!

The Cockerel

We are keen to inspire the cooking of capons or cockerels; The Fosse Meadows free-range and slow-grown cockerel offers juicier, bolder, more generous meat than a chicken with a rich gamey flavour – quite simply delicious!
We really think that people have forgotten how good this bird is and in turn, they are not often found outside of Christmas. Our Fosse cockerels are popular at Christmas and are often available weekly at our farmers markets and online, so order now for a delicious treat!

“If you aren’t a turkey or goose fan, think about a free-range cockerel – from this Leicestershire farm instead.  Grown for up to 20 weeks and weighing as much as 6kg, they have deeply coloured flesh that gives even the best turkeys a run for their money.  The farm also produces fantastic Cotswold white and gold chickens, bronze turkeys and geese.”
Lucas Hollweg, The Times 25th November 2012

Award-Winning and Highly Recommended Fosse Chicken

As a testament to our farming principles, we received one of the highest accolades for tasty British chicken, by food writer Christopher Hirst in The Independent. Fosse chicken has also received high praise and recommendation from Michelin-starred chef Nick Edgar, Wahaca Restaurant entrepreneur and ex Masterchef Thomasina Miers and The Telegraph’s Food Critic and writer Diana Henry.

“Succulent with great depth of flavour and long aftertaste…Legs have a good meaty flavour like
guinea fowl.”
Christopher Hirst, The Independent.

“Having taste-tested some of the best chickens from France and England I found that the Fosse 81-day chicken had the best depth of flavour, texture and quality that I was looking for in creating dishes in a Michelin star environment. Fosse farm rear an incredible free-range chicken using fantastic methods and are a pleasure to work with.”

Nick Edgar, Michelin starred Chef.

Fosse chicken was voted for and judged by a top foodie panel at the Good Housekeeping Awards…
We’re proud to have been awarded Best Small Meat Producer in the Good Housekeeping Food Awards 2015.


Fosse Chicken is No.7 in the 6th Annual Observer Food Monthly’s Top 50…!

See opposite – text taken from the feature written by Holly O’Neill in The Observer Food Monthly magazine, February 2018.