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100% Grass Fed Beef Stock


We’ve teamed up with James Fanshaw, the local farmer of Naseby in the next village along, to bring you their 100% grass fed pure breed beef. James is a traditional farmer like us and has the same high standards of natural farming, ethics and animal welfare. He expertly rears rare breeds, slowly growing them to maturity naturally.

We’ve used this heifer’s strong, healthy and nutritious bones to slowly cook our delicious beef stock that is rich in flavour.

Choose 1 pack, or 2 for a discount.

400ml typically

Chicken Sausage Rolls


No Pork, all flavour.

What can we say? Our chicken sausage rolls are famed for being notoriously tasty – anyone who’s visited us at our markets can agree.

Now you can relive this taste sensation at home, delivered to your door with two flavours to choose from, Apricot & Herb, and Honey & Mustard.

Simply place on a baking tray and cook in a preheated oven at 180’C for 30 minutes. 

Arrives from frozen, not suitable to freeze.

2 per pack, 550g typically


Bone Broth


Our nutritionally rich bone broth is cooked for 24 hours to extract as much goodness as possible from our strong, free range chicken bones.

Bone broth is loaded with beneficial amino acids for gut health, boosting the immune system and packed with collagen for strong bones, nails and glowing skin. Awesome!

Choose between, or a combination of our plain and ginger flavours.

One pack for £4, or buy in bulk for a discount.

400ml typically

Christmas Stuffings

£3.95£5.95 Availability: From 19th November 2020

Our simple and delicious gluten-free stuffing is made in our kitchen. It’s the perfect trimming for any of our free range birds including turkey, goose, cockerel and chicken.

Or have it on it’s own as a scrumptious side dish.

Choose from:

Apple, Sage, Hazelnut & Orange
Lemon, Thyme, Parsley & Cranberry
Chestnut, Mushroom, Pancetta & Rosemary


Turkey Jerky


Guilt free snacking at its best. We make our protein packed jerky with our own free range bronze turkeys with two flavours to choose from.

Red Wine & Black Pepper – an ample amount of red wine has been added for real kick (you’re welcome).

Chili & Spice – plenty of spice to enliven the tastebuds

Go large and save! 100g for £8

Mix it up and save! 2 x 30g packs for £5

Single 30g packs £3 each

Free Range Goose Fat

£3.50 Availability: From 19th November 2020

Our free range, pasture-reared goose fat makes crisp, delicious roasties and is perfect for confit cooking.

It’s suitable for freezing, so why not stock up?

220ml typically.

Available from Thursday 19 November

Homemade Leicestershire Picnic Pie


This is our take on the classic Leicestershire hot water crust pie, but with a Fosse twist.

Slices of our free range chicken, and gammon sandwiched between the traditional peppery, nutmeg-seasoned pork mince.

If you like a traditional pork pie this will take things to new level.

500g typically

Chicken Liver Pate


Our smooth and creamy chicken live pate is a little bit decadent and made using our mother’s own recipe.

Filled with our free range chicken livers topped off with a thyme-infused clarified butter to melt into that warm toast.

175g typically

Gravy for your Bird


The best birds deserve the best gravy.

Our classic gravy is made from reduced free range chicken stock and roasted bones for a wonderfully rich accompaniment to any roast fowl.

400ml typically

Arrives frozen


Chicken Stock


Our free range chickens have strong, healthy and nutritious bones, which we use to create our classic white stock that is rich in flavour.

Choose 1 bag, or 2 for a discount.

400ml typically

Cranberry & Clementine Sauce

£4.50 Availability: From 19th November 2020

Fruity sauce on the side sir, madam! I say.

Our tangy cranberry and clementine sauce pairs perfectly with our free range turkey and goose for a dinner to really sing about.

220ml typically

Available from Thursday 19 November