Fosse Meadows Farm is situated near Lutterworth in Leicestershire a stones throw from the nature park to which the farm owes its name. It is a fourth generation farm producing free-range poultry in a traditional way which is to produce the best bird using the highest welfare. Nick Ball and Jacob Sykes returned to the Ball’s family farm in Leicestershire to start the farm after living in ‘Peck’em’, London, for 12 years as a fashion designer and property developer respectively. After some deliberation we decided to take the plunge and start a poultry business as a precursor to taking over the family farm and be the fourth generation to farm in Frolesworth. Both our families believe in good food so our aim was to produce a bird we were happy to say was ours both in terms of an excellent flavour and using the highest welfare standards.

Chickens are slow reared in coloured sheds and fed an additive-free corn rich diet with full access to green pastures & hedgerows. With a small number of chickens per shed, the birds can roam freely with no fences scratching around in the bottom of hedges. Occasionally make their way into the farmhouse garden much to the delight of Nick’s mum!

Our seasonal bronze free range turkey, geese and cockerels are reared with the same slow growing principles we belong to the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association as they uphold our principles of welfare and quality whilst offering many farmers experience and expertise to ensure the best free range turkey. We believe our simple traditional methods create meat with a flavour and texture second to none. After all a happy bird tastes better!

Fosse Meadows Nature Park is down the road and great for taking a stroll, walking the dog or having a picnic.