Seasonal Birds

Free-Range Christmas Cockerels

Our free-range cockerels are bred using the same Cotswold White and  Cotswold Gold breeds that we use for our chickens. These breeds are traditionally slow growing and our cockerels are grown to 125 days to maximise the flavour of the bird. Cockerels are dry plucked for Christmas and game hung for 10-14 days to promote flavour.
Christmas Cockerel and Goose were popular choices for a Christmas Day dinner until the 16th Century when turkey was first introduced.

As recommended in The Sunday Times…

“If you aren’t a turkey or goose fan, think about a free-range cockerel from this Leicestershire farm instead. Grown for up to 20 weeks and weighing as much as 5kg, they have deeply coloured flesh that gives even the best turkeys a run for their money.  The farm also produces fantastic Cotswold chickens, bronze turkeys and geese.”

Fosse Christmas Cockerel is a tasty alternative to turkey, the perfect size for a small gathering. It’s delicious roasted, with rich flavour and succulent meat – a great choice for the Christmas table. Order your bird from 3kg – 4kg.


Free-Range, Slow Grown Bronze Turkeys

Our traditional strains of bronze turkeys come to us as day-old poults and are slow-reared on grassy pastures to maturity at 6 months! Our turkeys are grown for around twice the length of time as commercial retail turkeys, and therefore spend a greater amount of time free-ranging and foraging. We keep them in small flocks to promote natural behaviour and feed them on an additive-free cereal diet. These slow-growing traditional turkeys have good fat marbling through the meat, are dry-plucked and game hung for 10-14 days, resulting in generous and succulent meat of exceptional flavour. Rediscover the true taste of turkey!

We are a member of the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association so grow and prepare our birds to their Golden Turkey independent growing standard-ensuring the highest quality and taste for fresh, traditional Christmas turkeys. We prepare our birds on the farm to reduce stress, where they are dry plucked and hung for 10 days for extra flavour. All birds come with a pop-up cooking timer and recipes from chef Rachel Green to help you with the perfect roasted turkey.
The result is delicious… don’t just take our word for it!

RECOMMENDED IN THE GUARDIAN: “This feels very free-range…I like the brown meat, very tasty!” ANGELA HARTNETT
(FOSSE TURKEYS came 2nd in their free-range bronze turkey taste test!)

Free-Range Geese

As with Christmas cockerel, the Christmas Goose was enjoyed as a popular choice for a delicious Christmas meal up until the 16th Century, before the introduction of turkey.
For an unadulterated Saxon Christmas, goose is the thing to eat. Everything they say about the crispy skin is true!

Our birds are between 7 and 8 months old and are reared as Peking and Aylesbury ducks on home-grown wheat and grass (geese are like the cows of the bird world) without additives or growth promoters. Birds are wax plucked and hung for 7 days before dressing.