Free Range Cockerel (Fresh)

Free Range Cockerel (Fresh)


We’re keen to inspire the cooking of cockerels. The Fosse free range and slow-grown cockerel offers juicier, bolder, and more generous meat than a chicken, with a rich gamey flavour – simple.

We use same 3 strains of the traditional French breed for our chickens as we do our cockerels and slow grow them to a maturity of 112–140 days. The length of time we give our birds to reach maturity being fed on a natural cereal based diet helps to develop strong nutritious bones, and darker flesh with a rich flavour and meaty texture.

Our cockerel is perfect for your seasonal celebrations, and makes a wonderful centrepiece for Easter.

Comes with pop-up timer, giblets & cooking instructions.

Small – 3.5kg – 3.99kg approx

Medium – 4.0kg – 4.49kg approx

Large – 4.5kg – 4.99kg approx

XL – 5.0 – 5.5kg approx

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