Fosse Turkey Legs with Leek, Potato and Mushrooms

Dom restaurant, in Thurlaston Leciestershire, was established by Aga and Vincenzo in 2022, it embodies their international souls, by blending locally sourced, quality British ingredients with influences from around the world.

Vincenzo Della Pietra was born in Nola near Naples in Southern Italy. At the age of 18 Vincenzo left Italy to travel the world, discovering different cultures, cooking methods, new foods and spices. This also gave him the opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s greatest chefs within famous Michelin starred restaurants.

Vincenzo chooses Fosse Meadows bronze turkey for their Christmasmenu, for it’s full rich flavour and generous quantity of tender meat.

The same rich flavour in breast, legs and thigh means dishes from frozen portions are delicious enjoyed at any time of the year!


1kg Fosse Meadows Free Range Bronze Turkey Breast
2 whole Fosse Legs (if breaking down from whole bird)
2 Fosse turkey thighs and
2 Fosse turkey drumsticks
250g mushrooms, chopped into quarters
2 whole leeks, chopped to chunky pieces
1 glass dry white wine
2 Bay Leaves
800ml Water or
Fosse chicken stock & water combined to make quantity.
3 good sized potatoes peeled and chopped to chunky pieces
Salt and pepper for seasoning
Chopped parsley or chives to finish
A simple one pan hob-cook, in a skillet or casserole pan, with lid.


1. Salt and Pepper the meat portions .
2. Sear the meat in a hot pan on the hob until fully coloured on all sides.
3. Add the chopped mushrooms and chopped leek, cooking for 3-4 minutes with these ingredients all together.
4. Add a glass of dry white wine and reduce, stirring all the time until all the liquid has evaporated.
5. Add water or Fosse Chicken Stock (for extra flavour!) plus water to make up to 800ml.
6. Add 3 potatoes peeled and chopped into chunky pieces, into the same pan, add the lid.
7. Cook on a low flame for 45-50 minutes until meat is tender. Check the stock level regularly and stir gently.
The liquid should by this time, resemble a creamy stock from the cooking and breaking down of the potatoes.
8. Add chopped parsley or chives to finish.

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